What Is JAMB Policy On The Use Of Biometrics For Registration?

JAMB has introduced a robust biometric policy to bolster the security and accuracy of student identification during registration. Understanding JAMB’s biometric policy is crucial for prospective candidates seeking admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Mandatory Biometric Verification Ensures Secure Identification:
JAMB now mandates all candidates to undergo biometric verification during registration. This process captures fingerprints and other biometric data to establish a unique identity for each student. The primary goal is to prevent impersonation and maintain the integrity of the examination.

Enhanced Security Measures Safeguard Admission Process:
By incorporating biometrics, JAMB has significantly strengthened its security measures. Biometric data provides a reliable means of identification and making it challenging for individuals to manipulate or forge registration details. This ensures the credibility and fairness of the admission process.

Curbing Examination Malpractice with Biometrics:
The unique identification provided by biometric data allows JAMB to accurately verify candidates’ identities during exams. This prevents candidate substitution and ensures that only eligible individuals take the exams.

Efficient Data Management Streamlines Registration:
By eliminating manual identification processes, biometrics reduces the chances of errors and streamlines the registration process. It also facilitates the retrieval of candidate records, simplifying information tracking and verification.

Candidate Responsibility for Accurate Biometric Data:
Candidates bear the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy and integrity of their biometric data. It is vital to provide genuine and up-to-date information during registration. Any attempt to manipulate or falsify biometric data may result in severe consequences, including disqualification from the examination.

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