Can I Use Two Different O’level Results For JAMB Registration?


Confusion surrounding the use of multiple O’Level results for JAMB registration has been cleared by JAMB. Candidates are required to submit a single, most recent, and relevant O’Level result during the registration process.

In a recent announcement, JAMB has emphasized that candidates cannot utilize two different O’Level results for their registration. The board’s registration process mandates the submission of only one O’Level result, chosen from the candidate’s most recent academic achievements.

This clarification aims to address the concerns and queries raised by prospective candidates regarding the use of multiple O’Level results. It’s crucial for applicants to select the O’Level result that best represents their academic performance and meets the eligibility criteria. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in disqualification or complications during the admission process

By streamlining the registration process to accept only one O’Level result, JAMB aims to ensure fairness and maintain consistency in evaluating candidates’ qualifications. This decision also aligns with the board’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and credibility of the admission process.

As the JAMB registration period approaches, it is essential for aspiring candidates to stay informed and adhere to the guidelines provided by the board. By this, candidates can enhance their chances of a smooth and successful registration process, and a promising academic future.

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