After Accepting Admission On JAMB CAPS What’s Next?

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After accepting admission on JAMB CAPS (Central Admission Processing System), it’s crucial to follow a series of important steps to ensure a smooth transition into your chosen institution. So, here are a few important steps to take next:

  1. Print Admission Letter: Once you have accepted the admission offer on JAMB CAPS, you should proceed to print your admission letter. This letter serves as proof of your admission and may be required during registration and other processes.
  2. Pay Acceptance Fee: Check the admission offer details to see if there is an acceptance fee to be paid. If so, make sure to pay the fee within the specified timeframe. This fee confirms your acceptance of the admission offer.
  3. Follow Institution’s Guidelines: Each institution may have specific guidelines and procedures for newly admitted students. So, visit the institution’s website or contact the admission office to obtain information on registration, documentation, and any other requirements.
  4. Complete Registration: Complete the registration process as instructed by the institution. This typically involves submitting required documents, filling out forms, and paying registration fees. And be sure to meet all deadlines and provide accurate information.
  5. Attend Orientation: Many institutions organize orientation programs for newly admitted students. Attend these sessions to familiarize yourself with the campus, facilities, academic programs, and student services. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow students and get acclimated to your new environment.

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