Miva University, Nigeria’s First Online University, Announces JAMB-Free Admission and Accelerated Degree Programs

Miva University, a pioneering institution in Nigeria’s higher education landscape, has made an exciting announcement that is set to revolutionize the way students gain access to quality education. As the country’s first fully online university, Miva University has unveiled a groundbreaking admission process that eliminates the need for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination.

In a bold move to simplify the admission process and expand educational opportunities, Miva University has declared that students can now gain admission to its degree programs solely based on their West African Examination Council (WAEC) or National Examinations Council (NECO) results. This innovative approach not only streamlines the admission process but also opens doors for students who may have faced challenges with the JAMB examination.

One of the standout features of Miva University’s academic offerings is its accelerated degree program. Leveraging a trimester system, the university enables students to complete their undergraduate studies in just 2.5 years, a significantly shorter duration compared to the traditional four-year programs. This accelerated pace not only saves time but also reduces the overall cost of education, making it an attractive option for students seeking to enter the workforce sooner.

By embracing online learning, Miva University has broken down geographical barriers, allowing students from across Nigeria and beyond to access quality education from the comfort of their homes or any location with an internet connection. The university’s commitment to leveraging technology ensures a seamless and engaging learning experience, combining virtual classrooms, interactive learning materials, and personalized support from experienced faculty members.

In addition to the convenience and flexibility offered by online learning, Miva University’s accelerated degree programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the rapidly evolving job market. The university’s curriculum is closely aligned with industry needs, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to contribute to their respective fields and drive innovation.

Miva University’s groundbreaking approach has been met with enthusiasm from students, parents, and educational stakeholders alike. By eliminating the JAMB requirement and offering accelerated degree programs, the university is breaking down barriers and providing a viable alternative for those seeking quality education without the constraints of traditional admission processes and lengthy study periods.

As Nigeria’s higher education landscape continues to evolve, Miva University’s innovative model sets a precedent for embracing technology, enhancing accessibility, and preparing students for success in the digital age. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the university’s offerings and seize this unique opportunity to embark on an accelerated path to academic and professional growth.

Bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years without JAMB Shagaya said a degree program can be completed in 2.5 years because MIVA University operates a trimester system (three terms in a year). R He disclosed this via his X handle (formerly known as Twitter) @SimShagaya, on Wednesday, September 20. He added that strikes or industrial/union action have no place in the university and the graduation date is sure from the commencement date. He wrote:

“Three important things you and your friends & family should know about @mivauniversity

1. JAMB is not required

2. Because we operate a trimester system (three terms in a year), a bachelor’s degree (8 terms) can be completed in 2.5 years.

3. No uncertainty around when you’ll graduate because of strikes or industrial/union action.

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